Problems with bra folding over

Remember the weird space I had at the bottoms of my bras? The underwires that were about 2 inches below my breasts? Well, I was able to solve my issues with the “bottom space” in my Freya Deco by going down a band size from a 32FF to a 30G.



The “after” picture is a terrible picture (the red mark is actually from bad slouching in a loose band!), but it does show the lack of fold-over.

It’s not the case with my 30G Tiffany Plunge (Masquerade).

This is how the 32G looks:

And, though I don’t have a picture at the moment, my 30G folds over just as badly as the 32G. The band is definitely better, but the cups still flop over! Could it be that the cups are too small to support my breasts? When I scoop, I do spill over the 30G cups quite a bit. So would a 30GG (a size they don’t make) be better? (Maybe even a 28H (another size they don’t make), since the band is really big.) Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Problems with bra folding over

  1. I get this problem sometimes too. I can alleviate it sometimes by just pulling the bra up and adjusting. Other times it may be that the wires are too narrow at the bottom. I’ve read on someone’s blog (can’t remember who) about the orange in a glass theory. No matter how hard you push the orange will not reach the bottom of the cup because the cup is too narrow. Some bras just don’t agree with our bodies (most in my case). It all depends on the construction of the bra. A bigger cup may just make the cup taller which will not help a width problem at the bottom of the cup.

  2. If the cup isn’t roomy enough on the bottom, one will get the dreaded fold. I’ve had this happen in several bras- if you are full on the bottom but the tissue is still reasonably firm, there will just be a gap that you can’t fill. Some molded bras do not allow much room in the bottom, which is really a shame.

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