Lady Grace has very little grace…

I just had the absolute worst bra store experience of my life. I’m still a little in shock at how horrible it was. I am almost never angry, but my experience at Lady Grace made me seethe.

Before walking in the door, I knew that they had terrible fitting services. The calculator on their site puts me at a 36DD when I input 30 for my underbust. I’ve heard of adding 4-5 inches… but 6? Really? So why did I go there? Well, since I hate buying bras without trying them on first, I decided to check out one of the stores in Brookline that stocks D+ bras: Lady Grace. So I didn’t go there to get a fitting… I went to check out their selection.

After entering the store, my eyes were greeted with a few racks of granny nightgowns and some very cheaply made panties. The bra selection was… not too exciting. They had a good deal of Freya bras, but everything else was very, very matronly. The website claims that they start at a 32 band, but there are some 30 bands on their online shop. I picked out a cute Freya soft cup bra and asked if they happened to have it in a 30GG (the size I normally wear in Freya). Rather than responding with a “yes” or “no”, the salesperson gave me a look and said “is this for YOU?” I said yes, at which point she started muttering “no, no, no…” and attempted to measure me with my sweatshirt still on, her “no”s growing progressively louder. She held the tape at least 3 inches away from my ribcage, measured above my bust, but never took a bust measurement. “No, no, no… absolutely not!” She then declared that I needed a 39 band, but would be okay in a 38D and “definitely not a 30GG”. Not once did she even look at how the bra I was wearing fit me or ask if I had problems with my current size… she just took the most bizarrely inaccurate measurements and added 6 inches. Even a Victoria’s Secret fitter can’t mistake me for a 38D.

I’ve heard 36 before… I usually get 34, even from mall-store fitters… but I have never heard 38. I wear a 30 in most bands, but sometimes need a 28 if the band runs large (I’d love a 28H Masquerade Tiffany). A 36 band is a joke, a 34 band is still huge, and even a 32 is loose enough to move up my back. The first time my bras ever looked right on me was when I switched to a 30 band from a 32. A 38 wouldn’t even make contact with my skin.

But in the moment, the inaccuracy wasn’t even what angered me… what angered me was the salesperson’s refusal to answer my question about the availability of a product and her “no, no, no… absolutely not!” How rude can one possibly be to a customer? I understand wanting to fit someone if you think they are in the wrong size… but you must be polite about it.

Yet now that I think about it, I should also be angry at the inaccurate fit. They claim to be “experts” and yet they have no idea what they are doing. At least mall stores like Aerie measure snugly around the underbust. Even if they add inches, they at least know what to do with a tape measure. And adding inches causes two awful things: 1) unsupportive bras and 2) the idea that a G cup is gigantic. It’s a whole lot more “gigantic” if you’re adding 6 inches to your underbust and then calculating the cup! I almost regret not trying on a 38D, just to show her how ridiculous it was… but I was just too shocked.

Take my advice: NEVER go to Lady Grace. Arrogance and ignorance is the worst combination.

9 thoughts on “Lady Grace has very little grace…

  1. Oh my word! 38! That’s ridiculous. I’ve been given a 36C before and told it was perfect, when my measurements show a 30FF and I wear a 32F/FF. But 8 inches is crazy. The way she did it was far worse, though. That’s terrible customer service. I have no idea how I would have reacted to it. Perhaps, if you get the chance, you should go back and try on the bra she suggests and show her how badly it fits?

    1. 8 inches is crazy. According to the calculator on their site, they are supposed to add 6 inches. I’d heard of 4-5… but apparently adding 5-6 is also a thing, which is really frightening. The worst part is that their website also says to go for a smaller band if the band rides up… for me, anything larger than a 30 rides up.

  2. Great post! They still use the method of adding inches quite a lot here in England and it is so inaccurate. What upsets me is their often snotty attitude, where they believe that because they work there they know best despite the fact that they are NOT wearing the bras, we are! I think many bra fitters are poorly trained and have a rubbish idea of how a bra should fit. If I wanted to have such a terrible fit I would make my own bra and wear that!

  3. The Lady Grace in Portland ME fitted my wife with a fairly accurate 36H (US) when she went there. Her underbust varies between 34 and 36 (and at the time she was pregnant) so it seems that fitting was fairly accurate. Good to know you had a divergent experience! Maybe it was the one fitter you saw?

    1. I’m glad they didn’t mess up fitting her!

      Though, according to their website, their fitters are supposed to add 6 inches to the underbust, so any fitter who doesn’t do so isn’t following their method.

  4. I had the same experience with Lady Grace in Malden, MA. This was a number of years back – maybe 6 or7. The woman just eyed me with my shirt on and said 36 D – I said noooo, I don;t think so – how about using your measuring tape? Instread of taking me back to the dressing room and having me take my shirt off – she put the tape around me with my clothes on. I complained to the manager and SHE said, well the saleslady had a lot of experience and could generally tell just by looking at someone. I left the store extremely flustered, angry at the rudeness of the manager, and have bought all my bras online since. (I was likely a 32 G or H back then.)

  5. I hate it when I pick up an apparently ‘huge’ bra and the fitter/clerk comments on it like I shouldn’t have it. Its so demeaning!

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