Sports Bras

I climbed Mt Monadnock on Sunday… and now regret not owning a sports bra. My back and neck are in incredible amounts of pain! Thus, sports bras were on my mind yesterday when I stopped by the mall after visiting a friend (and walking a lot). I walked into Aerie (no, they have no bras beyond a DD cup) to see if they had gym shorts and a salesperson convinced me to try on a sports bra. Their sports bras are sized S-XL, and I figured that the front (with the quasi-cups) would be too small, and the back to large.

I figured correctly. I wish I’d had a camera with me… I tried on a large and an extra large. The large mostly fit my chest girth-wise, but my breasts were spilling out of every direction. It also provided no support, since the back was riding very far up my back and my breasts were dragging the bra down as though it were just a camisole. The extra large was better as far as containing my tissue, but the band was 2 inches away from my body at the front and the back rode up even worse than the large. I would have actually been better off wearing no bra! The salesperson was shocked that they didn’t work… but she also claimed to be a 34D and was clearly spilling out of the cups and no larger than a 30 band… so I don’t think she’s used to bras that fit. (In case you’re curious, I did end up buying a pair of comfy $10 (short-)shorts.)

So sports bras are still on my brain, but I’m a little wary to get one while I’m still changing bra sizes. Is the Panache ultimate sports bra as awesome as it sounds? Because if I get it in a 30G or 30GG and then change sizes due to its awesomeness inspiring me to exercise 24/7, I’ll be a little annoyed. ;)

6 thoughts on “Sports Bras

  1. I have freya and shock absorber sports bras, and they are great. has very cheap prices on shock absorber, around $30 US. So that’s where I’d start. :)

  2. I have to say I do love the new Panache sports bra. I run, so I’m looking for bounce reduction, and I also pole dance, so I’m looking for something that can handle me flipping upside down for extended periods of time. I have to hook the bra into a racer-back for running to get the best results, but I’ve been so pleased with it I bought a second one. Good luck with your search!

  3. I’ve tried the Shock Absorber (which I like once you’ve wrangled it on), Freya sports bra (the one without underwires – OK but pretty ugly!) and the Panache – which I love. I can’t usually wear Panache or Cleo bras – underwires too wide and too far apart for me. But this works in my usual (ie Freya based) 28FF. Supportive and neat. It’s quite a molded shape, which usually I don’t like because molded cups just don’t fit my boobs, but this one certainly works for me. I’m not running at the moment, so have used it for aerobics (old-school so lots of jumping) and dance.

  4. I want to try the Panache one too, but I have two wired Freya ones. They give me hilarious conical projection, but help reduce motion a great deal. The Freya ones run tight in the band, so a 32 is firm when I wear a 30 in the Deco.

  5. I’ve tried the Freya wired and it works great but as the other ladies say the cone shape is comical. I sometimes wear a generic no support basic sports bra over it just to dull down the pointy shape a little. I also have the Panache and I love it. It is so comfortable and the shape can not be beat in a sports bra. As someone mentioned you do have to wear it as a racerback for running and also make sure you get the correct size. You only get the optimal bounce support if you are wearing the right size. I just ordered my first shock absorber and am looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about.

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