30 Band and Under Project

I went to try on bras (and bathing suits) yesterday and, much to my surprise, a 30G was much too small in a few bras! So I guess I’m a 30G/30GG now.


(Freya Lagoon)

The Deco, known for having large cups, fit perfectly in a 30G. But the best fit in Freya Lagoon (bikini) and Cleo Lucy was a 30GG. The adorable Freya Patsy was so small in the cup, that I may have even needed a 30H, but that bra stops at a G cup.

I’m officially out of range for many large-cup bras, which is strange to me, since I don’t feel like I have a tiny ribcage or a huge bust. According to the “add 4” (or 5) method, a woman with a 25 or 26 inch ribcage would wear a 30 band. A 24 band would supposedly fit a 19 or 20 inch ribcage. But for women with heavy breasts, adding 4 to 5 inches in the band results in an unsupportive bra. There are plenty of women with 24-30 inch ribcages (or 31, as is my case) who need bands smaller than 32.

A group of bloggers, including BoosaurusBraless in BrasilStackDDBy Baby’s Rules, and Bras I Hate, has created the 30 and Under Bra Band Project. The goal of the project is to raise awareness of bands smaller than 32, so that companies will start producing and carrying bras in smaller band sizes. If you wear a 30 band or smaller, you can help out by adding your photo with the form in Boosaurus’ post about the project. I just uploaded a photo. :) If you’re above a 30 band, you can help out by spreading the word about this project.

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