How to “pull up” on underwires

I’ve mentioned “pulling up” on the underwires in two posts recently. Here’s a clearer explanation of how that works.  For this how-to, I’m wearing my beloved Freya Deco (32FF) (on its tightest hook).



It’s on the loosest hook and the underwires are about 2 inches away from my tissue, causing the strange “fold” at the bottom. It’s a little hard to see in these pictures (taken just after putting the bra on), but after a few hours of wear, the bra would end up almost at my stomach and I could feel my breast tissue folding over onto my ribcage (eww and totally unsupportive).

Band on tightest hook and pulling up on the underwires:


Pull from the wire itself and then again from the top of the bra at the straps (photo is from top of bra).

The cups look HUGE now:


But after scooping, I fill out the cup more than I did when wearing it on the loosest hook:


And I always wondered why this bra looked so different on the models!

The bra does migrate a tiny bit over the course of a few hours, but it pretty much stays right under my tissue, which is great. I really thought my breasts were just “weird shaped” and would never look good in a bra… and that I’d just have to deal with my breasts folding over onto my ribcage, but this really seems to do the trick. So there you have it: the amazing effects of pulling up on the underwires (and a snug band)!

6 thoughts on “How to “pull up” on underwires

  1. This is great, thank you! I had wondered exactly what you meant when you talked about pulling up the underwires, and now I know. I’ve actually come across someone who I think would benefit from doing the same thing, so in future I can send people like that to this post :)

  2. I realize this comment is incredibly late, so you may not see it–but thank you for this post. Even after I figured out my correct size, I’ve had issues with my bras slipping down my torso, and then giving me quadraboob because the cups were no longer in the right position. Following your instructions, I’ve pulling up on the wires and tightening the band, and it does seem to help.

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