BiuBiu Sizing?

I’ve previously established that my bust measurements never work with any calculator… probably because they are higher up on my chest and, thus, at a larger point on my ribcage. According to their sizing chart, I should be a 38BBB… but BBB is supposed to be for J or K cups! If I usually fit a small (or US 6/8) at the waist and a large (or US 12/14) at the bust, does a BBB sound right?

This model is wearing a 36B (fitted):


This model is wearing a 40BB (fitted):


This model is wearing a 36B/BB:


Looking at pictures of people wearing different BiuBiu sizes, I don’t feel curvy/thin enough to be a 38BBB. But, according to the size chart, B appears to be similar to “normal” or “high street” sizing… and I do usually need about 3 sizes larger for my bust… so do I really need a 38BBB for fitted shirts? 

And it appears that the jersey shirts can accomodate a lot in the chest area (judging by the above photo and various reviews). Could I get away with a 38B/BB for the jersey shirts? I do tend to prefer my tops a tiny bit tight in the chest, but I obviously don’t to end up with suffocated (ie: flattened) boobs.


3 thoughts on “BiuBiu Sizing?

  1. I have found BiuBiu sizing to be pretty accurate and consistent, unlike Pepperberry where about 4 different sizes could be the right one depending on the garment

  2. I ordered from BiuBiu recently (long-winded review forthcoming!) and their size chart is pretty much spot on. I think I’m one or two dress sizes larger than you (US 8/10) and I’m about a 40BB in BiuBiu, so you should be fine in a 38BBB in the tailored shirts (or even a 36BBB, although that could be a risky proposition bust-wise). Not sure about the jersey tops, though, since I didn’t order any of those.

    1. Thanks for the advice! I’ve been thinking 38BBB/40BBB, but I’ll go for a 38BBB if I lose a few lbs. I’ve been stalling on ordering, since I just changed my thyroid medication, which means I’ll either lose or gain a bunch of weight. So unpredictable!

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