True (?) & Co (a True&Co review)

A friend sent me a link to an article about a company that supposedly developed an algorithm for finding a perfectly fitting bra. I’m skeptical about anything that sounds too good to be true, but I decided to give it a shot. True&Co claims to help you find your perfect bra, with the help of an online quiz and a few bras mailed to you to try on (for a $45 deposit). It’s a pretty neat idea, since plenty of people can’t get to a store to try on D+ bras. The homepage beckoned me to “get started” and “find [my] perfect bra”… so I clicked the link and started the “quiz“.

The first question was about breast shape, which, though a legitimate question, is hard to judge on one’s own. What concerned me was the next question: “what is the size of your best fitting bra?”. I wanted to answer 30G… but the site only allows for A-F (UK) cups! Also, the only options for band size are 30-38. I selected a 34F, as it was the closest. There were a few more questions about how the bra fits… but all the questions about band were to decide whether the band is too small. There was also space for me to mention that I was spilling out of the cups on all sides, and I did… to see what it would suggest.

I expected at LEAST a suggestion of going up a cup size… but instead I got this puzzling result:

 You told us you currently wear a 34F Fantasie balconet
bra style, but based on your quiz results:

You could be a different size.

Your Size and Style

  • Do go for higher cut bras so you won’t bust out.
  • Do try a full coverage cut. You will fill out the cup.
  • Do fit your bra to your bigger breast.
  • Don’t bust out at the underarms. Try a bra cut high on the sides.

Huh? I need higher cut, full coverage bras so I don’t “bust out”? Doesn’t “busting out” mean that the cup is too small? And it’s absolute bull that full breasts need full coverage bras- all that matters is that the bra fits. Such misguided advice! (I also tried the same thing with a 34E… they didn’t suggest a larger cup that time either!)

I continued on to the page where I am supposed to select 3 bras (their “experts” select 2 more bras and send them as well). There were 5 bras for me to choose from… ranging from 32F to 36E. If I’m already “busting out” of a 34F (as I claimed), how on earth would a 32F be better?! And a 36E wouldn’t help with anything, since I indicated no reason to go up in band size! Oh, and you can only “order” the bras in the sizes that they recommend for you. Needless to say, I didn’t give it a shot.

Overall: It’s a neat idea, but they have a lot to work on. I would really like to see this done right! And they can… but they need to be able to evaluate whether a band is too big and they need to provide more options for band and cup size. If it’s too good to be true… it probably is.

16 thoughts on “True (?) & Co (a True&Co review)

  1. I tried them too and was disappointed with the limited choices I had for breast shapes and bra styles as well as the sizing so I’m with you.

    There’s this other website that’s been around for a while that also has a similar algorithm it also asks you for shapes (has lot more) but also for measurements and shows some recommendations. They are a bit off sometimes I must say but it’s also a computer telling you bras :P

  2. My experience with True & Co has been negative so far. They’re horribly disorganized.

    1) The only recommended 3 different bra styles (note: my size is not that unusual)
    2) Their expert picks were just different colors of the bras I selected
    3) They charged my credit card (in May!!) and have yet to send my bras
    4) When I searched for the bras they recommended, I found them online for $10 less
    5) Cancelling my order is impossible on their web site, and I have to go through my credit card company.

    In the end, my customer experience proves exactly the myth they’re trying to dispel: that bra shopping doesn’t have to be miserable. While I’m not half naked in a fitting room, I’m still ending this experience irritated in an entirely different way.

    Failure ahead for this little business…

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I stayed away because it looked like a waste of time due to inaccuracy… now I’m really glad I didn’t try it!

      Did you try to contact them? If so, I’m curious about how they responded (or if contacting them was actually possible).

  3. I agree with Kara — I placed an order over a week ago, the confirmation email included NOTHING in the way of shipping method, tracking number, etc. Still no package has arrived, they don’t respond to emails, calls roll straight to a voicemail and no one bothers to call back. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM UNTIL/UNLESS you see reviews indicating that they are capable of order fulfillment. It was an interesting idea, but at this point with no merchandise and no response from True & Co, I’m left with contacting my credit card company.

    1. I sent all of the bras back because none of them fit. They immediately sent me an email telling me that my $45 had been refunded. That was two weeks ago and the $45 has yet to show up.

  4. I received my first order, and I can’t say the experience was pleasant unfortunately. I waited a month an a half for my order, and when I received it one of the bras I was really looking forward to trying on was the wrong color (I hate beige!… and I received 3 beige bras!) Anyways, their selection for us bustier gals bites and I am so not happy with this service. The only bra that actually fit me was the one that I ordered in my normal size. This bra I did keep because it did fit very well and it was cute. I don’t think I will order from them again, I think I would rather deal with the hassle of going to Nordstroms.

    1. The thing is, it’s a brilliant idea… it’s just poorly executed. I can think of tonnes of ways to make the algorithm more accurate. It’s really a shame that they’ve had so much positive media exposure and, thus, don’t feel compelled to improve their services. I’m sorry for all the people who have had unpleasant experiences. :/

      If you want a good fitting without going too far (or going anywhere at all), I’d recommend trying a Skype fitting from Butterfly Collection (

      1. I just tried True & part of some research I’m doing and I had the same useless results. It failed entirely to recognize that I am a 28DD/30D, not a 32D. But they dont stock tjose dizes, so go figure!

        Quite frankly, their algorithm is a joke, fueled by their own lack of knowledge about bra fitting and the bra business. They’re just money & tech people, sadly, they seem to have not even one bra fit specialist on board! It’s not impossible to make this work, but it is beyond them, it seems.

        I’d love the opportunity to talk personally with you about this as part of my research – if you are open to it please email me or reply – thanks!

  5. I had a similar experience – their algorithm decided I was probably the size I already wear, but then one of their expert picks was a band size larger (and predictable too big). The box arrived quickly, although they didn’t send out tracking information on it until it had already arrived. None of the bras fit right – 3 were close but uncomfortable and 2 were way off. I sent it right back, and 3 weeks later I had received no communication from them at all. At least when I emailed them to protest they immediately emailed back to say they would send a refund.

  6. I know this is an older post, but you would think after months they would have things straightened out – and unfortunately they haven’t. I’ve been completely disappointed with my experiences. I referred a friend to them before I received my order and I wish I hadn’t. Her bras were out of stock and they never let her know, while mine were in stock but didn’t fit properly – it took two weeks for them to receive my return box and I haven’t seen my refund yet.

    1. Wow, that’s a mess. :/ I recently tried another online company and have been having a similar issue… they shipped the wrong item, don’t have the right one in stock, and told me that I could ship it back and have a refund. Well, I shipped it back a month ago, have not yet heard from them about my refund, and they have been giving very cagey responses to my emails. I emailed again yesterday morning and have not received a reply. Situations like this make me extremely uncomfortable and make me worry about trying new companies. :/

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