2 thoughts on “Cooking in College?

  1. The dorms at my college had no kitchens and a required meal plan. Although my vegetarian roommate could get pretty creative with the appliances we were allowed to have when she needed to (the dining hall options were often lacking).

    1. Sounds like my college… only 3 or 4 dorms have kitchens, the dining hall has barely any vegetarian/vegan options, and the meal plan is required. I could barely eat anything in the dining hall and still had to fight tooth and nail to get off the meal plan. Luckily, I managed to talk to the right people and I have been off the meal plance since the beginning of my sophomore year.

      I really think that colleges should encourage people to cook (and grocery shop… and clean). It’s an important life skill, but so many people graduate with absolutely no idea how to cook or shop for groceries.

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