More Trash-Picked Clothing… and Stuff

So I’ve been really busy this past week… and haven’t posted. Sorry.

I wore some more trash-picked clothing today! Camisole: trash; skirt: Anthropologie, found while cleaning a dorm; sweatshirt: Gap Body ($25?); bra: Freya Deco, eBay ($21); flip flops: Old Navy ($2).

I also painted my nails lilac/lavender. They are this pretty purpleish blueish greyish colour that works well with my yellow-white skin. Photobooth makes my skin look blue/pink, but in normal light, my skin is almost the exact colour of a manilla folder. The nails:

(In case anyone is curious, the polish is Revlon Top Speed in Lily.)

Bra band update: wearing my bras on the tightest hook has definitely helped them stay up. So far, the Deco has worked the best. Huh. I guess it’s because it has the most heavy-duty band.

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