I’m considering 30 bands…

I’ve been pondering what I learned yesterday.

My breasts sit high on my chest and the fitter recommended a firm band to keep the bra in place, so it doesn’t slide down. She recommended a 32 band… but my 32 bands already slide down. I end up with underwire marks 1-2 inches below my breast tissue. I thought that was because my bands were tight and, thus, migrating to my stomach. But I just played around with my bras a bit, and realized that a tighter band (a 30) does a much better job of keeping my bras up under my breast tissue.

(FYI: Pulling the underwire up involves pulling the bra up at the front until the underwire sits just under the breast tissue… and tightening the straps accordingly. It’s also perfectly compatible with “scooping”… just make sure you drag the wires up to meet the base of the tissue while scooping.)

I tried on my Masquerade Tiffany (32G) on its tightest hook, and pulled the underwires up. Interestingly, the cups seemed to fit better (the bra is normally a bit too big). A 32FF would probably be better, though.




My Freya Deco (32FF) also worked better on the tightest hook… the cups stay up. I’ve only worn the bra like… twice, so the band is totally unstretched. For some reason, the cups also felt more filled. Strange?




My Sasha Cleo (32FF, but fits like a 30FF) worked pretty well on the middle hook. This bra has alway fit right under my tissue, so I didn’t need to pull the wires up. (I think the balconette style helps.) The cups are still a bit too small (you can tell by the weird shape it gives me). If I could get another size right now, I’d probably go for a 32G, since it runs small in cup and band.


(For the record, the red mark is from a bra with a larger band… but almost totally non-stretchy.)

The only problem is that it squeezes my fat above the band and looks odd… but it’s supporting me a lot better. Hmm. Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “I’m considering 30 bands…

  1. I measure almost exactly 31 under my bust and have been wearing 32 bands for years but with the same issue as you that they slide down and come to rest on the top of my stomach. I have fairly recently switched to a 30 band (sometimes with an extender when new) and that has stopped happening. I also have the back fat issue with some bras though, I suppose I need to lose weight and not have a fat back and that will solve it!

  2. It really wouldn’t hurt to try a 30 band. Some people think it is crazy to subtract inches in order to find your band size, but you really have to consider body construction. Sometimes I need to add 2 inches to get a good fit because I have a horribly boney ribcage. You’ve got some tissue that can compress around the band, so subtracting my work for you. You may also find that some of that back fat that you refer to may migrate forward with more pulling and scooping. When you size down in the band just watch for cup distortion. A tighter band may pull the underwire tight under your arm and distort the cup fit. You may see this on your 32s when wearing on the tightest hook. It could result in the need to go up an additional cup size to get a good fit and a flat center gore.

    On a side note, I also have high set breasts and have the same issue with emptiness in the bottom of the cup of some bras. A band that is too loose will slide down, so that definitely could be the problem. I find that many of my 28s do this and I just deal with it. I find it annoying, but as long as it does not settle too low on my chest I can still get enough support from the band.

    1. I wore my Deco on its tightest hook today and didn’t even notice that it was there… (I usually notice my bras slipping down)… so I think this is a good thing? The Deco runs a little large, but I think it’s fairly representative, since this is only my third time wearing it. At the end of the day, it only ended up less than an inch under my tissue, which is quite a feat. The tighter band definitely keep it in place.

      I wish there were a company that made bras for high-set breasts…

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