Trash-picking Spoiler

I’m back home (off-campus) today for a thyroid appointment (it went well!). But since I’m off campus, I can’t post the treasures that I found in the “trash” (actually just bags of clothing that people were getting rid of… not in the trash-trash) until tomorrow…

But here’s a trash-picking spoiler! This is a nice zippery, yellow sweater-jacket that I found:


I love yellow. The jacket is a rich, mustardy colour with silverish zippers. Lots and lots of zippers. It’s semi-double breasted… there is a snap at the bottom right and then it folds over to the left to zip. I can zip it over my boobs, but it looks silly. I like it half-zipped anyway. Also, the stomach is a bit loose, but it’s good at a jacket and looks good with leggings. The brand is “silence and noise” (carried by Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie). Oh, and it was free.

I’ll post the rest of my finds once I’m back on campus. :)


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