Another Altered Dress

I found this navy blue jersey “mullet dress” for like $15 at Marshalls last summer. There is a black waistband (a bit too loose) and black bands at the top on the shoulder straps. I desperately needed a lightweight dress that could fit over my breasts… but the neckline was hideous. I wish I had a “before” image… but imagine a really deep V with overly thick straps (about 6 inches thick at the TOP). I gathered the fabric and pulled it to the sides, creating a ruched sweetheart neckline. I did it by hand and it only took a few minutes. The dress looks pretty good now… except that the stomach is floaty, which would be okay if the waistband were tighter. Perhaps I’ll alter that too.

The best part is that, while it shows a lot of cleavage, nothing is popping out! I can also pull the fabric a bit more over my boobs, if I’m not in the mood for cleavage. (Note: lifting my arm to take the photo kind of killed the cleavage. Sorry.)


Close up of alteration:


Edit: here’s the dress with a belt…

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