I am officially done with junior year! I just handed in my last final paper. :)


Furthermore, I am pleased to note that my Freya Deco (featured in the above photo) held up well during my all-night paper-writing extravaganza! My back is a bit sore from hunching over my laptop, but the Deco was supportive enough to keep pain at a minimum.

3 thoughts on “Hooray!

    1. I am indeed in college… and I’ll be doing a thesis next year! (My majors are music and philosophy.)

      The US school system is pretty interesting. We get to choose what to study and where we want to study (so long as the institution accepts the application). Most colleges/universities have requirements outside a person’s field of study. So for example, if I were studying math, I would also be required to take a few courses in other fields. The college I go to is private and doesn’t have any requirements outside my major (which is fairly unique in the US), so the only courses that I must take are those in my majors.

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