On being a DD+ starving artist/college student…

[Since I just spammed the internet, asking for EM sizing advice (and have already received some really helpful answers), I feel like I ought to offer some advice in return.]

Being broke with big breasts… stinks (were you expecting another word?).

I think one of the reasons it took me so long to start buying well-fitting bras is because I couldn’t stomach the thought of paying more than $30 for a bra. In the US, good DD+ bras range from $60-$98, while you can easily find a C or D cup bra for $10 or $15 dollars. But I eventually cracked and my back (and breasts) are oh so thankful!

Buying (new and used) on eBay has certainly helped defray the costs of buying DD+ bras, but used bras are about $20 and new ones usually go for $25-50. The prices are better, but it still puts a strain on the wallet of a broke college student/starving artist. Here are some things I do:

  • guilt trip parents (If you’re still a dependent and don’t have a full time job, it occasionally works. I buy most of my own clothing, but I own two “pity bras”.)
  • clearance racks (I got my Sasha Cleo set for about $50 at Nordstrom… not bad.)
  • online bra stores (like Brastop and Figleaves… they have great sales… not always the best for US customers, due to shipping, but still a good deal! Ewa Michalak prices are also really good and I plan on trying them out soon!)
  • buy on eBay (both new and used are good!)
  • alter bras (buy a 36DD/38DD/40DD and take in the band- only if you’re willing to sew)
  • sell ill-fitting bras (When I have a bra that is in good condition, but no longer fits, I sell it on eBay. I don’t make a lot, but it’s better than throwing it out.)

Being a broke DD+ woman is a pain, but wearing an unsupportive bra is even more of a pain.

4 thoughts on “On being a DD+ starving artist/college student…

  1. Do you have Nordstrom Rack nearby? Another awesome source, I usually find a couple of bras for $20-30. Also, Very.com is very cheap compared to other places, so look there. I see bras that are $60-80 typically on Very.com for $30-45.

    1. I have a Nordstrom Rack near home (though not college), but I’ve never had much luck with it. I’ve seen some great bras, but usually in random sizes. It all depends on what gets shipped to them, I guess.

      Very.com sounds neat… I’ll definitely check it out.

      Thanks for the tip!

  2. It seems Large Cup Lingerie offers free international shipping- I just learned this today. Clearance section has some stuff that may be useful.

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