Wishlist again

I really, really want to try Ewa Michalak… but I really can’t tell what size to go for, since her calculator puts me at a 34GG. The cups sound like they would be way too big. Should I just get a 32FF or 32G and use a band extender, since I am hoping to lose weight anyway? Or do the cups run small?

My 32FF Freya Deco fits nearly perfectly (band and cups are is slightly big- almost the exact same fit as my 32G Masquerade Tiffany). Anyone have sizing advice for Ewa Michalak?

I might, however, wait a month until I figure out how the changes to my hormones affect my breast size (and ribcage measurement). I don’t want to suddenly be a 30HH and get stuck with a bunch of 32FF bras…

Update: I think I’ve decided on the CH shape (maybe CHP). As for band size, I’m leaning toward getting a 32 and using an extender if it’s snug. No word yet on cup size…

7 thoughts on “Wishlist again

  1. As far as I know, the Deco tends to run large in the cup, right? Freya also tends to have super stretchy bands, while Ewa Michalak is more true to measure. I would suggest ordering a variety of sizes and returning those that don’t fit. Also, take advantage of those bra extenders EW sells in a variety of colors. They’re really cheap and handy!

    1. I have pretty much the same question (with similar measurements!), but I believe the asker and I are both in the US and there is an extremely strict return policy so we wouldn’t be able to ship back in time.

      I do hear that the PLs run a bit differently from the others as well.

    2. Thanks for the suggestion. The 32 band is a little big in the Deco (after wearing it for a few days, I think I could have bought a 30)… and the cups are big enough to comfortably wear with cookies (but I pop out of the 32F). If it’s a better measure, I’m a 32FF/G in most Masquerade styles (except Rhea). From the Curvy Wordy (http://www.curvywordy.com/) reviews I’ve read, it looks like a 32 will be work for me, even though EM bands are smaller than others.

      But I also get the feeling that her cups are a bit small. Do they actually run small in the cup? I think I’m more nervous about getting the wrong cup size, since there is no way to alter the size of a cup.

      Oh, and faustineli is right- I’m worried about the return policy. :)

  2. Judging from your reviews on your blog and Bratabase, I think I am same band size as you and one cup smaller. (I fit just fine into 30G Casey, and wear a 32F Deco that fits in the cup but is too big in the band.)

    I have the opposite problem with the calculator–it gives me a cup size much too small. I put in 75 cm (29.5″) underbust, 97 cm (38″) standing-bust, and 99cm (39″) bending-bust and gave me the answer of 75C (34C). 34C! How can I be a 34C?!?

    1. It seems that breast shape can totally throw off measurements. My breasts are full on top and also fairly high on my chest, so they measure 43 inches around. At the moment, I wear a 28H/30GG, but the calculator is telling me that I’d wear a 34GG. I’d just look for other people who wear the same bras that you do, and see what EM size works for them.

      I wish US stores carried EM bras…

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