Deco, part II

So I got my 32FF Freya Deco in the mail today. The first thing I noticed was that the cups were a very, very different colour than the rest of the bra. The rest of the bra is normal deco-nude, but the cups are pale pink, almost grey. What the heck? The paler colour is closer to my skin lightness, though, so I’m fine with it. And the bra is in excellent shape.

The weird colour thing:




Band: the 32 feels good. It’s a firm (not very stretchy) band, but it’s also large, so a 30 could also work. If this band wears out soon, the 32 will be huge. So yeah, if you want to maximize the life of the bra, I’d advise going down a band size and wearing it with an extender until it stretches out… because it will stretch out.

Cups: The gap at the bottom of the cup, which I mentioned before, isn’t nearly as bad in the 32FF (not sure why), but it is still a slight problem. Overall, I think the 32FF is the right volume for me. I can wear it with or without “cookies”. The cups tend to run large in the Deco, so I don’t pop out (though when I wear cookies, it’s a little small).

Here’s how it looks under clothes:



Overall: I feel slightly flattened, which I didn’t experience last time. I am not sure why. Maybe this is a weird Deco? Either way, I still like the Deco. It looks really great under clothing (particularly scoop-neck) and it’s really supportive. I’ll play with the straps and see it helps with the flattening problem. Oh, and I paid $21 for it on eBay. The shipping was incredibly fast and the bra is in great shape… but I would have liked to know about the weird colour thing.

Edit: I loosened the straps and am suddenly a lot less flattened. Also, the straps are no longer cutting into my arms, which is good. :) I LOVE this bra.

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