The Little (Large?) Things

I am lucky enough to go to one of the top two liberal arts colleges in the US. The classes and professors are great, but work and finals are a beast. The other day, a friend saw me and asked if I had been abroad this semester… I guess I’ve just been that crushed by work. Finals (unofficially) started last week and I’ll be engulfed until about May 10th.

But the little joy is that my mom gave me a eBay gift card and I decided to try out the Freya Deco again, this time in a 32FF. Wish me luck?

I bought a used one, because I am not confident about the fit and because there is a good chance that my size will be changing in the next month or so (due to impending change in thyroid medication and recently getting a partially hormonal IUD). And by the way, used bras aren’t bad! Used clothes are better for the environment and your wallet, so if a bra is still in great shape, it’s totally worth it. Anyway, the bra should be here any day, so look forward to a brief review. :)

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