So I’ve mentioned before that finding (cheap) clothing that can accomodate my bust is… a challenge. My waist is a US 6/8 (small) and my bust (according to size charts) is a 16, though I can usually squeeze it into a 12 and a 14 is okay. Here are a few dresses that I’ve made work!

Blue dress from H&M (H&M size 8, fits like a 4)

(edit: I’m experimenting with GIMP to get rid of the dishes and stuff in the background.)

This isn’t my usual style, but the navy blue silky fabric looks great on me, and the cowl-neck style has enough extra fabric to fit my boobs! Sure, the top is supposed to be much looser, but I think it works out well anyway. Also, it’s the only “formal” dress I have right now.

Per sizing, H&M tends to run very, very small. Most people find that they need at least 2 sizes larger than other brands. According to their size charts, my bust is an 18! It’s pretty much a miracle that I was able to fit my bust into an H&M 8! And the waist fits quite well.

H&M pink sundress (H&M size 12)


I went to a wedding in Florida last summer, and needed a dress. I stopped at H&M and found this on the sale rack for $10. I tried it on… the waist was big and the bust was about 4 sizes too small. I got it anyway, and picked out the side seams and re-sewed the bust with slits in the sides. It’s not a great job (I hand-sewed it while in the car on the way to Florida!), but it works. I have to wear it with a belt… but it I get the chance to attack it with my sewing machine, I can take the waist in and make the bust alteration a bit neater. Oh, and it has boning, so a bra isn’t 100% necessary (though it is preferable).

The alteration:


Forever 21 blue dress (Large)



This dress is big… too big. The criss cross stuff on the back is floppy when I stand up straight and the waist is a little saggy. A medium would be better (not perfect), but they didn’t have it and I love the dress anyway. I usually wear it with a belt. The v-neck, puffy sleeves, and neat back detail are great… and the dress is blue, which is a colour I seem to wear a lot.

2 thoughts on “Dresses

  1. i really like the first one on you.
    i usually buy cowl neck tops and dresses and things resembling bat wings (it sounds worse then it is). those cuts have more room in chest area and the rest of the dress is in my size, including shoulders. strappy and sleeveless unfortunately never work on me because they are cut too low under arm, leaving my bra exposed.

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