Frustrating things…

It drives me a little bit crazy when I mention that I wear a US 32H (or 32I) and someone says “oh, well you look like a D”. Why does it drive me nuts? Because it’s just false… and that’s why people are wearing the wrong bra sizes!

When I went to get fitted a few years ago, the fitter looked at me (claiming that they do fitting mostly by eye) and said that I looked like a 34D… I walked out in a 34DDD, which still wasn’t quite right, but was definitely closer. A 34D? Really? If I looked like a D (a real D), then I would be able to fit into clothing, but my waist needs a 6 and my bust needs a 14. I’m not a D by any stretch of the imagination.

Sometimes I get the same reaction from friends, and it drives me nuts. I don’t care whether or not my breasts are “big”… I just care that I’m wearing the right size. The comment always strikes me as really meaning: “stop trying to pretend that you have huge breasts!”, as though a) a US H cup is “huge” and b) I am trying to “puff myself up”. There isn’t much I can do about the fact that a US 32H is the smallest I can go in the cup… I just am a 32H (by conventional add 4 or 5 method, a 36F, which is still pretty big… and still far from a D). My wearing the correct size isn’t my pretending to have HUGE breasts, it’s just my wearing the right size.

In fact, I don’t often think of my breasts as being big. I could have much larger breasts… I have friends with much, much larger breasts. But as it stands, mine are fairly big, and I notice this every time I try on a bra or attempt to fit into a dress or dress shirt. I am a US H, and I’m fine with that. I’d also be fine as a C or a K. It doesn’t matter what the letter is… I just care that I’m in a bra that can support what I’ve got!

So here’s my PSA: “H” does not stand for “huge”.

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