Back flub… rolls… etc…

So I’ve been thinking about back fat. Specifically about the fat that shows when wearing a bra. At the moment, I’ve got some extra fat on my back. If I put on a really loose band, the fat is mostly invisible… but then my band slides all the way up my back and gives me no support. And sometimes a too-loose band can cause even worse back fat than a too-tight band! If the band is too lose, it will pull up… which creates more tension. Once you’ve got the weight of your breasts pulling a band up and into your back, you’ve got a recipe for back-fat-disaster. But I digress… if you’ve got extra fat on your back, it’s probably going to show under a bra. Back fat happens. I need a 32… and, with anything non-baggy, the back flub shows. Some bras are worse than others, and I think I’ve figured out why a well-fitting bra can cause back rolls:

1) thin back bands: Basic physics here… when a thin strip of fabric is supporting a lot of weight (breasts are heavy!), it’s going to cut in. A larger band will exert less pressure.

2) different materials used in the band: If the band is fabric trimmed with elastic, the elastic is frequently much tighter than the fabric part of the band. Because of this, the elastic will cut in, leaving the rest of the band out of the suport-equation.. so it’s basically a super-thin band! If the elastic is the same tension as the rest of the band, then it should be okay…

3) not enough stretch: really stretchy bands hug without suffocating… and a stiff band will cut in each time you breathe or move!

So… a bra with a wider back band (sorry, I know it’s not as pretty) made of one-tension (stretchy) material might solve this back fat problem. I want to test this hypothesis!

One last note about band sizing and back fat: imagine I have no extra fat on my back (this was once the case)… my underbust might measure 28 inches… on a tight or loose measure. There wouldn’t be much difference between a tight or loose measurement, because there is no compressible back fat… and the bra wouldn’t cause back rolls because there is no fat to be squished around. Having back fat doesn’t mean compromising on support for the sake of not showing back rolls.

Okay I lied… one last last note: a few fitters have suggested that I try a 30 band. Most 30s are painful on me, but if more of my 31 inches were fat (compressible), a 30 could work.

Nota bene: a band can be too tight… if it hurts to breathe or the centre gore is cutting into your sternum (it should lie flat, but not cut in!), it’s too tight.

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