I don’t usually think of myself as having a HUGE chest… until I try to find clothing. My waist is a size 6/8 (US), but I need a 14/16 to accomodate my chest. The other day, I tried on a dress in a Large (12/14), and, while the waist was huge, the top didn’t even manage to cover my bust. In all honesty, I generally prefer to wear a size or two smaller in the bust than the size chart puts me at… but WHAT CUP SIZE DO THEY MAKE CLOTHING FOR?

My waist is 30 inches, my underbust is 31 inches, and my bust is 43 inches. I wear a 32FF/G (UK). I’d love to be able to wear fitted clothing again, but I’m just not up for investing a large amount of money in clothing that I hope will not fit me in a few months. I currently weigh about 160 lbs (5’5″) and just started medication for hypothyroidism, so I might be able to lose weight for the first time in years! When I’m back at a normal weight, however, I do plan on getting some items from BiuBiu and possibly getting some items tailored, but it’s a big investment.

Meanwhile, I am wearing stretchy tops with skirts/leggings and stretchy dresses. I managed to find this super flattering top at Marshalls for about $16:


Not a terrible option… but I would love to see some D+ non-stretchy items that I can afford!

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