Inventory, part II

My bra drawer currently holds 10 bras, only 4 of which are wearable (not necessarily “well-fitting”). Organized by cup volume, the contents of my drawer:

  • 2 32Gs (1 is a 34FF with a very tight band):Image
  • 4 32FFs (2 are 34DDDs, worn on tightest hook and with padding removed):Image
  • 3 32Fs (2 were 36DDs and 1 was a 34DDD, but I took in the bands):Image
  • 1 32D (it’s really a 34C, and it’s hilariously small):Image

Guess which ones fit? Well, none perfectly.

  • The black 32G (Masquerade Tiffany) is a little too big in the cup (but really close and it works with cookies).
  • The burgundy 32G (34FF, Masquerade Rhea) is… really stiff, so I can’t quite tell. I haven’t worn it yet.
  • The black and white 32FFs (Chantelle Rive Gauche) are close enough for me to wear, but the cups are too small.
  • The purple 32FF (fits like a 30G, Cleo Sasha) is close, but the cups are a little too tight and the band is a little too snug.
  • The burgundy 32FF (Masquerade Rhea) and all of the other bras are way too small in the cup.

So about 4 of these bras are wearable… 1 is questionable… and the other 5 are way too small.

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