My favourite bra (that doesn’t fit)

I have a confession: I love my Chantelle Rive Gauche push-up bra. It’s a 34DDD… and I’m still wearing it. I’ve taken out the removable cookies and I’m wearing it on it’s tightest hook (so it’s probably equivalent to a 32FF?). But as you can see in the photo, the cups are slightly too small still (it shows under t-shirts) and the band is a little too loose and is not quite sitting horizontal.  It’s just such a wonderful bra….


This was one of the first bras I bought last autumn, after realizing that I was not a 34C. So, for that reason, it holds a good deal of sentimental value. But on a purely practical/aesthetic (contradiction?) note, it’s a gorgeous bra that gives a gorgeous shape. Chantelle should consider seriously offering it in larger cup sizes…

I also own it in white, and my white bra is only a few months old. The band is tighter (the elastic is newer), but I am already wearing it on the tightest hook. The tightness in the cup is more evident in the pictures of the white bra:

(The above picture shows how the band normally fits… but since I’ve got a bit of back fat, I do get rolls when I slouch.)

In case you are curious, I am wearing my Rive Gauche in this picture:

I pulled myself into my bra for this picture, so thankfully the quad-boob isn’t showing, but if I really lift and scoop, I pop out a fair bit. At least this is evidence that wearing a too-small cup can give you great cleavage *cough*ChristinaHendricks*cough*.

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