Bras at Target…

So while in Target today, I decided to see what sizes that had available for bras. The largest size I saw in the store was a 40DD. The largest cup size was, not surprisingly, a DD. Now since I know that a lot of people buy their bras from Target (or stores with a similar size range), I thought I’d see if anything even remotely worked.

I found this bra in a 36DD and a 38DD (the website claims that it is only made up to a D cup, but that is false).

The 36DD was way too big in the band and way too small in the cup… which makes sense, since the cup volume would be equivalent to a 32G (US) or 32F (UK). The 38DD was a good fit in the cups, but the band was immense and the bra would have provided absolutely no support. What’s more, the bra costs $19.99, which is only slightly less that you can pay for a well-fitting DD+ bra on eBay. Not worth it. (If it were $10, I might have purchased it and altered the band…)

My underbust measures 31.5 inches. If you measure about an inch lower, it’s 33 inches (thanks to a lovely fat roll that I’d love to lose). Now if I went by the add 4 to 5 inches rule, I’d end up in (you guessed it) a 38DD. A 38DD would provide absolutely zero support for me… but that’s what is available in most stores! Oy vey.

Online, I saw a few bras up to an F cup… and I saw one H/I (yes, it claims to be both sizes at once) cup starting at a 36 band… but those were all nursing bras.

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