Happy National Cleavage Day!


Yay cleavage!

Silly as “National Cleavage Day” might sound, cleavage is a pretty serious issue. I have always been quite busty. I remember, in 3rd grade, the humiliating moment when a teacher pulled me aside to tell me that I needed to start wearing bras, since my already C-cup chest was “inappropriate”. Since then, the comments have never ceased. Now that I wear a 32FF/G (UK) or 32H/32I (US), it’s nearly impossible for me to keep my bosom fully covered. I’ve been called a “slut” for wearing a normal tank top, I’ve been told that I am not appropriately covered for concerts/work, etc. And I think that a lot of women have gone through this. 

When I got to college, I was wearing baggy, high cut tops. A male friend finally told me that I dressed as though I were ashamed of my body. That comment meant a lot to me. I started wearing fitted clothing again… low-cut tops… etc. Of course, I don’t always want my cleavage to show. When I don’t want it around, I wear a scarf. In fact, I frequently cover up. But I am no longer willing to be ashamed of my breasts. I still get insensitive comments, but I realize that they are wrong.

There is nothing shameful about the female body. Sure, it would be inappropriate for me to run around pantless, but breasts are just breasts. I don’t go out of my way to show them off (well, except on this blog), but even if I did, there is nothing wrong with them. Cleavage can be sexy, but it can also just be, well, cleavage.

Be proud of your cleavage!


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