2 thoughts on “Rhea, again

  1. Not sure if you’ll see this comment all the way back here, but… I think that the reason that the band feels so tight in the second bra is that the cup is too small for you in the 32FF, not that the band is too small! A too-small cup can make the bra seem too tight overall.
    I wonder how a 32G or even 32GG would work for you in this bra – I’m guessing a lot better! It actually looks like the band is riding up on the 34FF, indicating that it’s too large in the band.
    Good luck with your bra quest! I know how it is xx

    1. The 34 is a tiny bit loose, so you might be right about the small cup making the band seem smaller. Someone else suggested that the small band was making the cup seem smaller… it could also just be that the bra doesn’t work well with my shape. I’m going to wait until I lose some weight to try this one again, but I’ll certainly update if I try another size. :)

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