Bras at Target…

So while in Target today, I decided to see what sizes that had available for bras. The largest size I saw in the store was a 40DD. The largest cup size was, not surprisingly, a DD. Now since I know that a lot of people buy their bras from Target (or stores with a similar size range), I thought I’d see if anything even remotely worked.

I found this bra in a 36DD and a 38DD (the website claims that it is only made up to a D cup, but that is false).

The 36DD was way too big in the band and way too small in the cup… which makes sense, since the cup volume would be equivalent to a 32G (US) or 32F (UK). The 38DD was a good fit in the cups, but the band was immense and the bra would have provided absolutely no support. What’s more, the bra costs $19.99, which is only slightly less that you can pay for a well-fitting DD+ bra on eBay. Not worth it. (If it were $10, I might have purchased it and altered the band…)

My underbust measures 31.5 inches. If you measure about an inch lower, it’s 33 inches (thanks to a lovely fat roll that I’d love to lose). Now if I went by the add 4 to 5 inches rule, I’d end up in (you guessed it) a 38DD. A 38DD would provide absolutely zero support for me… but that’s what is available in most stores! Oy vey.

Online, I saw a few bras up to an F cup… and I saw one H/I (yes, it claims to be both sizes at once) cup starting at a 36 band… but those were all nursing bras.

Happy National Cleavage Day!


Yay cleavage!

Silly as “National Cleavage Day” might sound, cleavage is a pretty serious issue. I have always been quite busty. I remember, in 3rd grade, the humiliating moment when a teacher pulled me aside to tell me that I needed to start wearing bras, since my already C-cup chest was “inappropriate”. Since then, the comments have never ceased. Now that I wear a 32FF/G (UK) or 32H/32I (US), it’s nearly impossible for me to keep my bosom fully covered. I’ve been called a “slut” for wearing a normal tank top, I’ve been told that I am not appropriately covered for concerts/work, etc. And I think that a lot of women have gone through this. 

When I got to college, I was wearing baggy, high cut tops. A male friend finally told me that I dressed as though I were ashamed of my body. That comment meant a lot to me. I started wearing fitted clothing again… low-cut tops… etc. Of course, I don’t always want my cleavage to show. When I don’t want it around, I wear a scarf. In fact, I frequently cover up. But I am no longer willing to be ashamed of my breasts. I still get insensitive comments, but I realize that they are wrong.

There is nothing shameful about the female body. Sure, it would be inappropriate for me to run around pantless, but breasts are just breasts. I don’t go out of my way to show them off (well, except on this blog), but even if I did, there is nothing wrong with them. Cleavage can be sexy, but it can also just be, well, cleavage.

Be proud of your cleavage!


Size comparison

At the very least, I hope that this shows that a US H or I cup isn’t “huge”. Most people tell me that I look like a DD. Of course, a DD wouldn’t even come close to fitting me… but, at least here in the USA, we have this strange idea that a D cup is “very big” and a DD is “incomprehensibly huge”. This could not be further from true… cup size is a proportion! A 40A is BIGGER than a 30DD… and most of the thin girls who think that they are 34Bs should probably be wearing 28DDs or even 26DDDs.

Below are pictures of me wearing different bra sizes that I have owned and worn while still approximately a 32H/32I (US)/ 32FF/32G (UK).



I was wearing this 34C bra until about 2 years ago… and my band size has technically increased since then! (I was probably a 30H (US)/30FF (UK) when I wore this bra.) My breasts were less than half in the cups, as you can see by the major spillover and also the large amounts of tissue escaping from the sides of the cup. Once I realized that the cups were too small, I moved pretty much directly to a 34DDD.



As you can see, the band is still fairly loose and the cups are still too small. It’s clear that I needed at least 1 cup size larger and one band size smaller… and because I was going down in band size, I needed to go up 2 cup sizes.

This next bra is labeled as a 32FF, but the band really fits like a 30 of most other bras. So let’s call it a 30.

30G (UK)/ 30H (US):

As you can see from the front picture, the “30” band is a little bit small. The cups are also overflowing a bit (this picture makes it look tremendously tight).
32G (UK)/ 32I (US):
The one above is currently my best fitting bra. There is some weird empty space at the bottom of the cups and if I move around, that space sometimes ends up at the top of the cup. I think I might be between cup sizes at the moment. The cups are a bit too big on this one, but it works if I wear it with cookies. :)
I wish I had a few more sizes to demonstrate, but I hope this was helpful anyway!

Learning things every day…

So apparently you need to be very careful when photographing yourself in bras. I took a few photos with my mac camera for bradatabase reviews (some of those photos are here, too), but had to sit in a weird position that managed to make a fairly loose band look as though it was about 3 sizes too small.



While the second shot is terrible quality (and shows very little of the bra), it does illustrate the difference that an odd posture/angle can make. The second image is how the band ACTUALLY fits… the first picture makes it look like it’s snapping me in half.

My next step? Finding someone to photograph me so I don’t have to resort to weird postures/angles. :)

fun with friends

I just spent a week staying with friends… and, of course, talked bras. A few people asked me to measure them.

An alleged 32B found out that she is, in fact, a 30DD. A “32DD” turned out to be a 28G (US)/28F (UK). And someone already wearing a 30FF (UK) realized that she might need a 28G (UK). Fun times were had by all.

Now, in case you’re curious about how I size people… I don’t usually use the charts that give cup sizes by the difference between the bust and underbust measurements… because, at least in my case, it’s very wrong. Instead, I start by measuring the underbust. I use that measurement as the band size (possibly adding an inch) and then look at the bra that they are wearing. If, for example, your underbust is 28 inches and you are wearing a 32DD (and those cups are the right volume), you should try a 28G (US)/28F (UK). If the cup is too large or too small, move in that direction from the 28G. Of course, different bras fit differently, so there is no exact science here… but this method seems to work best for me.

Happy fitting.