It Arrived!

It arrived! The Panache (Cleo) Sasha, that is.

Good Lord, that band runs tight. I can barely put it on. My underbust measures 31 inches. This is a 32 band… which fits like a tight 30 or 28. Unstretched, the band is 3 inches shorter than my Freya Deco. This is a bra for which I can safely say that you should add at least two (maybe even 4) inches to your measurement… unless you want it to hurt. So yeah, if you’ve got a 30 inch underbust, go for a 32 or 34.

However, it will stretch and I will (hopefully) shrink. Worst case scenario, I get an extender.

But even though it’s leaving angry red marks, it’s surprisingly comfortable. I’ve never worn a soft cup bra before and I am amazed at how much support it offers… and how cute it is. The shape is great (no bullet-boob) and it’s quite supportive. After wearing it for an hour, my back already started to feel better.

I’ll post a picture once I can convince a friend to photograph me. :)

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