New Size!

So I was fitted yesterday… at Nordstrom (they do a great job- I’ve only had one bad experience).

Freya Deco- 32FF (might be able to do a 30G)

Panache Lucy- 32G

Panache Sasha- 32FF/32G

Panache Rosa-32FF/32G

(Nota Bene: Panache bands run TIGHT. Which I love. Also, the Freya Deco is known for having a looser band and large cups.)

I am a little nervous to invest in new bras, since my size keeps changing. But I think I should at least get one that fits.

Now I just need to figure out which one to buy.
As much as I love the Deco, it’s always around… so I can wait to see if my size changes again. The Sasha is on sale, which means that it will probably not be around for much longer. Rosa is still full price at most places, so I can probably wait on it (but it’s lovely!)… and I Lucy is plain looking, so I can live without it.

So… Sasha?
And do I get a 32G or a 32FF? I plan on losing weight… but I may also start taking birth control for my PCOS, which, as I have heard, will make my breasts grow.

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