Freya Deco

Let me wax poetic about a bra that doesn’t even fit me: the Freya Deco.

I have had the Freya Deco in both a 34E (too big?) and a 32E (wayyyyy too small). I have no idea what size I am in this bra, but I think the 34E fit me for a little while… if I still had it, it might even be too small at this point. The cups are known to run HUGE and I think the band runs a bit looser than other bras. Another weird quirk is that I and almost everyone I’ve talked to has experienced wrinkling at the bottom of the cups… even when they are too small. So… I have no idea what size I’d need.

It is an AMAZING bra and I want one that fits me so badly. Why? Because it gives the most gorgeous rounded, perky, cleaveage-y shape without padding. Other bras may be prettier to look at, but I have never seen another bra give the shape that the Deco does.

This bra can do no wrong… except fit really, really strangely.

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